Apple and Kandi Wedding

MMP-8621MMP-485MMP-239 MMP-178MMP-4MMP-2

MMP-10 MMP-30MMP-31 MMP-41MMP-75MMP-81MMP-87MMP-90 MMP-132

MMP-104MMP-102 MMP-138 MMP-139MMP-172MMP-107MMP-197MMP-108 MMP-193MMP-209 MMP-244MMP-223MMP-240 MMP-221 MMP-216 MMP-214MMP-294 MMP-290MMP-293 MMP-276MMP-274 MMP-272 MMP-262MMP-357 MMP-399MMP-391MMP-261MMP-254MMP-403 MMP-382MMP-380MMP-379 MMP-362MMP-358MMP-353MMP-328MMP-326MMP-320MMP-302MMP-515MMP-504MMP-352MMP-501MMP-529MMP-527MMP-561 MMP-474MMP-466MMP-356 MMP-462MMP-459MMP-422 MMP-444MMP-417MMP-411MMP-385MMP-522MMP-543 MMP-547MMP-402MMP-548 MMP-551MMP-486 MMP-481 MMP-562MMP-554MMP-625 MMP-573MMP-633MMP-567MMP-626MMP-611MMP-637MMP-634MMP-630MMP-735MMP-662MMP-655MMP-657MMP-745MMP-710MMP-693MMP-674 MMP-669 MMP-665MMP-684MMP-789MMP-794 MMP-792MMP-805MMP-798 MMP-856 MMP-853 MMP-844MMP-841 MMP-840 MMP-833 MMP-839 MMP-838 MMP-836MMP-837 MMP-825MMP-812MMP-688 MMP-1052 MMP-1029 MMP-943MMP-940 MMP-918 MMP-889 MMP-872 MMP-871 MMP-861

Video : Sequence by Sequence
Make-up : Makeup by Mhec Gado
Host : Francis Day @francisdayemceedj
Don Bosco Parish Church | Manila Polo Club
Preparation Venue : New World Hotel Makati

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