Mark & April: A promise of a lifetime


“Mark and April were together for 6 years before they got married in Singapore and also decided to renew their vows after 4 years here in the Philippines . There were many struggles that came along their journey together but it is their love for each other that kept them together. And as April said in her vow for Mark… “What we are and what we have are the product of our choices. We could have decided to part ways but we didn’t. We always chose us. Arguments and misunderstandings will always be there, but we always chose to be together and to stick with each other”

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Photos: Mara and Mike Photography
Video: Ian Cruz Films
HMUA: Hi Def Make-up by Leah
Wedding Preparation: Sulo Hotel
Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Fernwood Gardens
Catering: VS&F
Florist: Forget Me Knot & Natural Art
Coordinators: Razzle Events Management

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