Jorge & Rachel: Love in HIS perfect time

As the saying goes, what is meant to happen, will always happen.

It all began on that fateful Wednesday evening, Jb and his family were invited to attend a prayer meeting in the church where Rachel goes to. A blessing, it is, to chanced upon true love in the house of God. A friendship and unexpected fondness that flourished through faith.

Love, when it’s real, is always willing to wait. willing to give. Jb have always had a crush on Rachel. It was an apparent mutual understanding that has been hampered a couple of times.

In love, some days can be pretty memorable, but the historic ones are those when we finally get to say what needs to be said. When we let our guard down and be our most vulnerable selves. When we have the courage to ask without expectations, and to give in with no hesitations. Feb. 17, 2012, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But it never came easy. Since Jb’s family is residing in Canada, the couple endured years of long distance relationship. Years of exchanging emails and phone calls. Years of spending anniversaries apart. Years of lack of physical contact. Years of waiting. hoping. believing.

Across time zones and continents, what are the odds?

It was difficult. quite a struggle. Does a long distance relationship work? A big YES to that!

Rachel and JB. Their story is not just a testimony of love and commitment. It is a testimony of God’s grace. Of God’s doing, in HIS perfect timing.

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Photographer: Mara and Mike Photography / Videographer: J Franco Digital Films / Ceremony Venue and Reception: Cliff House Tagaytay / Bride’s Gown: Edward Teng / Hair and Make Up:Iris Lee / Bouquets: Il Fiore Flower Boutique / Catering: Queensland / Wedding Coordinator: Princess Apple Coordination Services

Kerk + Nath


“LOVE is a meeting of two souls,

Fully accepting the Light and Darkness of each other
bound by the courage to grow thru struggle to Bliss”


Hair and Make-up: Magic Touch by Malou Wines and Souvenirs: Arobi Wines Catering and Styling: Hizons’s Restaurant and Catering Services Lights and Sounds: MuzikArt by Almer Eslava Invitations: Arobi Wines Candy Buffet: The Wedding Bachelors Hosting: Chuck Gacuma of The Wedding Bachelors Full Planning with On The Day Coordination: The Wedding Bachelors Video Coverage: Eye Candy Prep Venue: Bayleaf Hotel Intramuros Church Ceremony: Manila Cathedral Reception Venue: Teatrillo, Intramuros Bouquet and Flowers: Clint Carl Flower Shop Bridal Car: JCA Bridal Cars Photo Booth: The Cut and Paste Mobile Bar: Infinite Shots Entourage Gown and Suits: Bella Events Music and Entertainment: SQ Music Wedding Accesories: The Wedding Library SM Megamall  Photo Coverage: Mara and Mike Photography