Mark & Millet

Theirs is a love story found in fairy tales…
This best describes the romance of our beautiful couple, Millet and Mark, who knew each other since they were in grade school but eventually got enchanted with each other only after 14 years, during a class reunion.

Like in fairy tales, their wedding is romantic, a superb night spent with their loved ones, friends and family members. All overjoyed to see the adorable couple tie the knot. 

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Wedding Date: February 01, 2016
Hotel: Makati Shangri-La, Manila
Ceremony: Santuario De San Antonio-Forbes Park
Reception: The Manila Polo Club
Photography: Mara and Mike Photography
Wedding Film: JR Soriano Wedding Films
Ceremony and Entourage Gowns:Bride House
Bride’s Reception Gown: Vera Wang
Wedding Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Reception Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent
Wedding Bands: F&C Jewelry
HMUA: Frankie Bacierto Jr III
Ceremony Flowers: Bloomwoods, San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park Styling
Reception and Entourage Flowers: Tropical Blooms
Florist Music: The FORTEnors
Coordinator: Events by Thoffy Wedding
Cake: Toy Cakes and Pastries
Groom’s Car: Rolls Royce Ghost II, Rolls Royce Global City Bridal Cars
Bridal Car: 1960 Jaguar Mark II, Don Roberts Bridal Car
Build up Letters: Omni Design & Communication
Hosts: DJ Boom Gonzales & Ms. Ginger Conejero